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Cyber Security for MSPs

Advanced cyber protection against modern cyber threats.

Why is Cyber Security important for MSPs?

Make sure you will always feel safe

Protect data and address advanced cyber threats both actively and proactively to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

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Cyber Security for MSP

What types of security services should an MSP have as a foundation?

We recommend having at least support, Microsoft 365, M365 backup, patch management, security training, and antivirus as a base offering.

What security services do you recommend to include in the offering as an MSP?

For a strong service portfolio, we recommend offering support, Microsoft 365, M365 backup, patch management, security training, antivirus + EDR + SOC 24x7, password management, and email security.

Is regular security review important for MSPs?

Yes, regular security reviews and risk assessments are important to identify and address potential security gaps and to adapt the security strategy to modern cyber threats.

Key Benefits
of Gridheart Platform:

  • Full white labeling

  • Subscription management

  • Digital product catalogue

  • E-shops

  • Self-service

  • License renewals

  • Simplified automated billing process

  • Billing reports, exports and APIs

  • Cost reconciliation

  • Professional support

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