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Automation to Scale Your MSP


Unlock the Power of Automation and
Rapidly Secure and Scale Your MSP

Liongard automation gives MSPs an operational advantage that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience. With unified visibility, MSPs always run in a known state, proactively detect changes and automate mundane tasks. Nearly 2,000 of the best-run MSPs rely on Liongard to power the systems for their end customers every day.

Deep Data Platform
Living System of Record for Your IT Stack


With over 70 Integrations, the Liongard Deep Data Platform transforms IT systems’ data from a messy, hard-to-reach asset into a unified, actionable source of intelligence. Through automated discovery, documentation and auditing, MSPs can automatically inspect any customer environment from cloud to endpoint, transform configuration state data buried deep in IT systems and into a unified data set that’s structured, query-able, actionable and audit-ready. Next-level automation and workflows detect changes, provide recommendations to get to the root cause faster, and create a time series record.

Learn how to standardize and scale your MSP with valuable insights from Liongard case studies, ebooks, and more.

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