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Liongard for MSPs

Liongard monitors, detects and documents configuration changes across the network via integration of over 80 systems.

Key Benefits
of Liongard

  • Attack surface management

  • Cyber risk dashboard

  • Automated system documentation

  • Proactive alerting and monitoring

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Included in Liongard

Automated documentation

Automatic and continuous documentation of clients' systems, networks, and applications for up-to-date information management.

Attack surface management

Monitor all vulnerabilities and endpoints that can be exploited to carry out a cyber attack.

Proactive alerting system

An alerting system that notifies MSPs of changes or issues within their clients' IT environments, allowing for quick response and resolution.

Cyber risk dashboard

The cyber risk dashboard helps you identify and reduce cyber risks, as well as continuously manage security vulnerabilities.

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for MSP

How does Liongard help MSPs manage their clients’ IT environments?

Liongard automates the documentation of IT environments, provides proactive alerts for system changes or issues, and offers a unified dashboard for a comprehensive view of all client systems.

Can Liongard integrate with other tools used by MSPs?

Yes, Liongard is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools and many more. Here is a list of all integrations.

What types of systems can Liongard monitor and document?

Liongard can monitor and document a wide range of systems, including networks, applications, cloud services, and more, ensuring a broad coverage of clients' IT infrastructures.

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