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Microsoft 365 Email Security, Purpose-Built for MSPs

Vade is a global leader in predictive email defense, protecting 600 million mailboxes in 76 countries. We help MSPs and SMBs protect their Microsoft 365 users from advanced email threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware.

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Discover AI-based Email Security for Microsoft 365

Data-rich applications like OneDrive and SharePoint have made Microsoft 365 the most lucrative target for cybercriminals. Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 is the only native email security solution for Microsoft 365, combining powerful, AI-based threat detection and remediation with simple, set-it-and-forget-it configuration for MSPs.

The Only Native Email Security Solution for Microsoft 365 Powered by AI

Recognizing that Microsoft EOP and ATP aren’t sufficient, MSPs leverage Vade for Microsoft 365 as a complementary layer of AI-based threat detection and remediation to stop targeted attacks in their tracks.


AI-based Protection Against Unknown Threats

Vade for Microsoft 365 blocks advanced attacks from the first email thanks to machine learning models that perform real-time behavioral analysis of the entire email, including any URLs and attachments. Leveraging data from more than 600 million inboxes, our AI-based threat detection stops threats before, during, and even after attacks.

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The advantages for you and your customers are numerous:

  • Instant Deployment: 5 minutes service activation with no MX redirection needed!

  • Native End-User Experience: no more separate quarantine

  • Time-of-Click Anti-Phishing: explores the Link and final page in real time

  • Banner-based Anti-Spear Phishing

  • Behavioral-based antimalware

  • MSP oriented: User friendly Partner Portal, Online Training Academy, and MSP Licencing model

  • An award-winning solution:

Vade for Microsoft 365

Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 offers a native user experience and best-in-class protection powered by artificial intelligence.


Vade Secure integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 via an API-based architecture, with no disruption to your customers’ email flow. As a result, MSPs are able to augment Microsoft 365 security with a complementary layer of AI-based threat detection.

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