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Avanan for MSPs

Advanced AI to prevent malicious attacks on M365, Google Workspace and more.

Key Benefits
of Avanan

  • Anti-phishing

  • Anti-malware & ransomware

  • Account takeover protection

  • DLP & compliance

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Included in Avanan


Advanced multilayer anti-phishing software. Built for the cloud and calibrated to organizations to block threats.

Account takeover protection

Prevent account takeover, identify past breaches and remediate easily.

Anti-malware & ransomware

Protection against zero-day malware and ransomware attacks.

DLP & compliance

Visibility and control of sensitive data flowing in and out of an organization.

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for MSP

What makes Avanan different from traditional email security solutions?

Unlike traditional solutions that rely on rerouting email traffic, Avanan operates inside the cloud service, providing a more direct and less intrusive method of securing cloud-based email and applications.

How can MSPs implement Avanan for their clients?

MSPs can deploy Avanan through API-based integration, without the need for extensive configuration or changes to client email infrastructure.

Is Avanan compliant with industry regulations?

Yes, Avanan helps businesses comply with various industry regulations by providing tools for data protection, DLP and secure communications.

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