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Keeper for MSPs

Secure identity and access management solutions, including password management, dark web monitoring, and secure file storage.

Key Benefits
of Keeper

  • Best-in-class security

  • Create and share strong passwords

  • Autofill sites and apps with KeeperFill

  • Fast and easy set up

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Included in Keeper

Best-in-class security

Keeper utilises proprietary zero-trust and zero-knowledge security architecture with full end-to-end encryption.

Autofill sites and apps with KeeperFill

KeeperAI™ instantly logs you into websites and apps by autofilling your passwords, passkeys and 2FA codes.

Create and share strong passwords

Creates high-strength, random passwords and lets you securely share them on demand.

Fast and easy set up

Easy to set up and roll out to your employees on every device they use.

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for MSP

What is a PAM solution?

PAM solutions are privileged access management solutions used by people or machines that administer or configure IT infrastructure. PAM tools are used to restrict and monitor access to an organization’s most secure accounts that have permission to access sensitive systems and data.

Can I use Keeper offline?

Yes, you can use Keeper offline. With offline mode, you can access your vaults from any device even when you are not able to connect to the internet.

What is self-destruct?

"Self-destruct" is a security feature that erases all locally stored data after a certain number of failed login attempts. This feature helps protect against unauthorized access to your Keeper vault in case of a compromised or lost device.

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