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Gravityzone Business Security

Powerful protection, easy to manage

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Best protection

Consistently ranked #1 for detection; prevents
ransomware and advanced threats

Mature Machine Learning

Mature machine learning, developed over 10+ years

Best Performance

Consistently ranked #1 for performance, demonstrating
the lowest resource footprint

Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs

Sophisticated and 0-day ransomware attacks regularly elude conventional AV/AM defenses, causing lost data and productivity or compliance incidents for organizations and affecting MSP costs and reputation.

Powered by machine learning algorithms perfected over more than 10 years, Bitdefender’s #1-ranked security is available as a complete MSP security suite that detects even the most elusive threats, with management from a single multitenant console and simple monthly licensing.

Best performance award
Best protection award

Key Benefits

Try Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs now!

Free trial and more information available.

Next-gen layered security consistently ranked #1


Over more than 10 years, Bitdefender has perfected machine learning algorithms to accurately identify new threats. Machine learning combined with other advanced security layers such as Anti-Exploit, continuous process monitoring, and content and device control allow Bitdefender to block even the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats. 

Powerful but light

Achieving a high level of protection is key for security solutions, but it’s also crucial to avoid slowing down machines or generating false positives that can cause headaches for customers and support engineers. Bitdefender leads rankings not only for detection but also for performance, demonstrating the lightest possible impact on protected systems out of all tested solutions and winning the AV-Test Best Performance Award in each of the last 4 editions.

Simplified deployment


No security server is ever needed, reducing expense and hassle. In addition, Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs, automatically uninstalls competing endpoint solutions and provides a mass remote deployment mechanism for fast and simple rollout.

Security Layers

Hardening and control, prevention, or detection layers available in the standard product without additional charges

Complete Antimalware and Antivirus


Bitdefender provides an advanced combination of Antivirus/Antimalware so you only need one security solution, mitigating security breaches, simplifying deployments and reducing expenses. With more than 10 years of experience and 7 patents, Bitdefender has perfected Machine Learning algorithms to block elusive new threats with minimum false positives.

Content Control


URL blocking by category, scheduled or using a configurable block/allow exclusions table.

Advanced Anti-Exploit

Bitdefender advanced anti-exploit not only provides protection from known exploits, trying to hijack popular programs, but also against new ones, by focusing on attack techniques.

Device Control

Threats are often introduced into the company via removable devices. Bitdefender device control allows you to choose which devices and device types will be allowed to run and which will be blocked or scanned automatically.

Continuous Process Monitoring


Bitdefender Process Inspector continuously monitors running process for signs of malicious behavior and can detect and block attacks and malware that eluded other security layers.

Firewall with IDS


Endpoints are protected with fully featured two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection, critical for protecting remote devices.

Web Filtering and Search Advisor


Bitdefender displays search ratings signaling trusted and untrusted pages. It blocks phishing or malicious websites and scans HTTP(S) traffic to detect threats.

Optional Security Layers

Optional services that can be managed from the same MSP console and that use same agent but which are billed separately

Security for Virtualized Environments

Rather than placing a copy of Bitdefender on each virtual machine, SVE utilizes one VM, turning it into a Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) that protects all other VMs in the host environment. Running only one instance of Bitdefender’s antimalware agent in the virtualized environment instead of many dramatically improves performance, consolidation ratios, and the user’s experience.

Full Disk Encryption


The Bitdefender console is now the one stop shop for not only protecting your customers’ endpoints from malicious software and targeted attacks but also for compliance reporting and encryption key recovery. Prevent compromise of confidential data when laptops are stolen and help customers demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations using the new optional service now available with monthly billing for MSPs. Bitdefender Full Disk Encryption leverages a proven native mechanism provided by Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (FileVault) to ensure compatibility and performance. It’s easy to manage or restore keys from the console as well as generate encryption reports.

Patch Management


Bitdefender Patch Management reduces patching efforts and costs, mitigating application vulnerabilities faster by offering a single source of patching with the largest database of Windows and third-party applications available

Advanced Threat Security 


Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security includes tunable machine learning and cloud sandbox allowing MSPs or MSSPs to deliver threat hunting services for customers that are highly sensitive to data breaches. These advanced security layers provide protection against fileless attacks, script-based attacks, custom malware, targeted attacks, potentially unwanted applications, advanced ransomware while delivering threat context and visibility.

Endpoint Detection and Response 


Bitdefender EDR
continuously monitors endpoint activities and looks for
anomalous behavior to offer early visibility into advanced attacks,
indicators of compromise (IOCs), one-click threat investigation
and incident response workflows. This enables service providers
to meet customer demands and grow their business with
managed detection and response services.

Security for Exchange


Consolidate endpoint and MS Exchangeemail security and antispam into one console with Bitdefender.The optional billable service available for Bitdefender MSP partnersincludes email antimalware with behavioral detection, antiphishing,attachment and content filtering, and antispam, helping you keepcustomers productive and safe from email threats.

Bitdefender MDR

Managed Detection and Response Foundations for MSPs

Rather than placing a copy of Bitdefender on each virtual machine, SVE utilizes one VM, turning it into a Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) that protects all other VMs in the host environment. Running only one instance of Bitdefender’s antimalware agent in the virtualized environment instead of many dramatically improves performance, consolidation ratios, and the user’s experience.

bitdefender mdr data sheet

Best-in-Class Technology​


The service is built on the GravityZone XDR Platform, whose third-party test results and multitudes of OEM partners speak for themselves.​

24/7 Analyst-led Monitoring & Response​


Our analysts eliminate the operational overhead of managing security events by providing context-based responses and tactical recommendations to mitigate threats.​

Threat Hunting​


We research cyber threats, geopolitical activity, and vertical-specific data trends and apply this knowledge to proactively hunt in your environment.​

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