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Cyber Security
Awareness Training

Measure, boost and monitor employee cyber awareness through admin-lite automation.

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How Quickly Could Your Business Be Breached?

Get your free Human Risk Report to understand your employee cyber risk areas and how to fix them.

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Raise security awareness

Launch user-tailored video and interactive security awareness training programs.

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Eliminate policy pains

Centralise your policies, automate eSign requests and track staff approvals with ease.

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Reduce phishing vulnerability

Deploy ongoing phishing simulations and enable micro-training for vulnerable users.

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Monitor the Darkweb

Identify vulnerable employee email accounts that are exposed on the web.

Ongoing cyber
awareness, simplified through automation

Everything you need to drive employee cyber awareness.

 Video & Interactive

Maximise learning retention with engaging bite-sized courses.

Multiple Languages

Usecure now comes in multiple languages

Dark Web Monitoring

Detect and safeguard exposed employee email credentials.

Course Builder (LMS)

Create custom training courses and follow-up assessments.

Custom Spear Phishing

Assess user susceptibility to hyper-targeted phishing attacks.

Amazing Support

Get human support and resolve any issue you may have.

Risk-Driven Training

Build user risk profiles and tackle individual areas of vulnerability.

Automated Phishing

Enable regular simulations and monitor human risk over time.

And plenty more...

Demo usecure now or create your free trial account in minutes.

Launch in minutes


With a fully cloud-based setup, seamless integrations and in-app support, launching usecure and adding your users is an absolute breeze.

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Instant Cloud-Based Setup

Simple Microsoft 365 Integration

Lightning-fast Deployment

Automate continuous training


'One-size-fits-all' training doesn't work. That's why usecure will identify your users' individual risk areas, then auto-enrol staff onto personalized training programs that tackle their weakest areas first.

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Instant Cloud-Based Setup

Simple Microsoft 365 Integration

Lightning-fast Deployment

Eliminate admin pains

Cut down admin time spent on tedious tasks. Automate course handling, policy management, phishing simulations and weekly digests with ease.

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Automatic Course Enrolment

Automatic Course Reminders

Weekly Manager Reports

Measure ongoing risk


Measure the impact of your cyber awareness efforts with company-wide risk scoring and individual user progress reports, analysed through data-rich performance metrics and real-time dashboard summaries.

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Human Cyber Risk Scoring

Company-Wide & User Progress

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

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