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usecure for MSPs

Cybersecurity education and training platform with dark web monitoring.

Key Benefits
of usecure

  • Security awareness training

  • Simulated phishing

  • Policy management

  • Dark web monitoring

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Included in usecure

Security awareness training

Identify individual security blind spots and automate the fix with user-tailored training programs.

Policy management

Centralize policies, automate approvals and keep clear audit trails.

Simulated phishing

Assess and eliminate employee vulnerability to sophisticated phishing scams
with deployable simulations and micro-learning for at-risk users.

Dark web monitoring

Secure businesses through actionable dark web monitoring and instant breach alerts.

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for MSP

How does usecure benefit MSPs?

usecure provides automated security awareness training, phishing simulations, user risk scoring and detailed analytics, helping MSPs enhance their clients' cybersecurity.

What is user risk scoring in usecure?

This feature assesses the risk level of individual users based on their interactions with training content and phishing simulations, allowing for targeted training.

How does usecure's phishing simulation work?

The platform allows MSPs to create and conduct realistic phishing tests to assess and improve users' ability to recognize and respond to phishing threats.

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