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usecure for MSPs

A comprehensive cybersecurity education and training platform designed to help managed service providers enhance their clients' cybersecurity awareness through automated training, phishing simulations, and risk management tools.

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What is usecure?


usecure is a comprehensive cybersecurity training and risk management platform designed to help Managed Service Providers deliver tailored security awareness programs and assess the human risk factor for their clients.

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Key Benefits
of usecure

  • Automated Cybersecurity Training

  • Phishing Simulation Campaigns

  • User Risk Management

  • Customizable Content

  • Compliance Training Modules

  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics

  • Scalability for Varied Client Sizes

  • Automated User Enrolment

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • Integration with MSP Tools

  • Branding Options

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How Quickly Could Your Business Be Breached?

Get your free Human Risk Report to understand your employee cyber risk areas and how to fix them.

Included in usecure

Automated Security Awareness Training

Phishing Simulation Tool

usecure offers automated training modules on various cybersecurity topics, tailored to the risk profile of each user.

User Risk Scoring

The platform assesses individual user risk levels based on their interaction with training materials and phishing simulations, allowing for targeted training interventions.

This feature enables MSPs to conduct realistic phishing simulation campaigns, helping to train and test users in recognizing and responding to phishing threats.

Customizable Training Content

MSPs can customize the training content to suit specific client needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Dark Web Monitoring

The platform offers comprehensive reporting tools, providing insights into user engagement, training progress, and overall risk reduction.

Automated User Enrolment

MSPs can automate the process of enrolling users in the appropriate training modules, saving time and ensuring consistency.

This feature may be included to monitor and alert if user credentials are found on the dark web, adding an extra layer of security.

Regular Content Updates

usecure regularly updates its training content to reflect the latest cybersecurity threats and trends.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

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How does uSecure benefit MSPs?

uSecure provides automated security awareness training, phishing simulations, user risk scoring, and detailed analytics, helping MSPs enhance their clients' cybersecurity posture effectively.

What is user risk scoring in uSecure?

This feature assesses the risk level of individual users based on their interactions with training content and phishing simulations, allowing for targeted training.

How does uSecure's phishing simulation work?

The platform allows MSPs to create and conduct realistic phishing tests to assess and improve users' ability to recognize and respond to phishing threats.

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