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Atera for MSPs & IT departments

Atera offer remote monitoring and management (RMM), helpdesk, ticketing and automations with AI.

Key Benefits
of Atera

  • All in one solution

  • Technician based pricing

  • Copilot AI capabilities

  • Intuitive UI

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Included in Atera

All in one solution

Combines RMM, ticketing, patching and  IT automation capabilities out of the box and under a unified source code. 

Copilot AI capabilities

AI assistant that allows technicians to diagnose device data in realtime and suggest actions. Supports ticket summaries, ticket responses, script generation and more.

Technician based pricing

Offers a transparent pricing model that allows unlimited number of devices support on a per user model.

Intuitive UI

The intuitive interface means you can onboard new techs quickly and start to reap the value. 

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for MSP

What operating systems does Atera support?

Atera supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Is Atera a compliant solution for enterprises?

Atera provides enterprise grade security, are ISO-certified and compliant with HIPAA, GDPR.

Does Atera offer reporting capabilities?

Atera provides classic reports and with their premium plan offers a custom analytics feature that enables users to create personalized dashboards and reports.

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