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The Heart in Gridheart

Get to know us better and what drives our passion to support your cloud journey. 

Grupp Seflie

Who are Gridheart?

Professionalism, reliability & support

Gridheart emerged from Carl Hagströms and Stefan Jacobssons collective passion for wanting to provide IT businesses with the best cloud services possible through an all-in-one marketplace. Gridheart curated a diverse portfolio of cloud services, focusing not only on cutting-edge technology but also on providing the most competent customer support. Today, Gridheart is more than a cloud distributor; it is a community, connecting vendors and MSPs in a inspiring digital journey.

We will help you - all the way

Gridheart aims to empower its partners by offering the cloud services they strongly believe in. They strive to become the trusted partner that simplifies the journey to the cloud and provides tireless support every step of the way to success.

What is Gridheart's mission?

What is Gridheart's vision?

We are going to be the best cloud distributor in the Nordics

We aim to promote and create a better future for IT-businesses by becoming the leading cloud service distributor for MSPs in the Nordics.

We pledge to be your trusted partner

  • Gridheart promises to deliver cloud solutions that ensure your company remains competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

  • Gridheart promises to provide constant support and work tirelessly to optimize your cloud experience and maximize the value of your investments.

  • Gridheart promises to be your trusted partner and offer personalized guidance.

  • Gridheart promises to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, and support to build long-term relationships.

What can Gridheart promise?

Carl Hagström,

"I am committed to leading Gridheart and our partners towards a future of limitless possibilities"

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Stefan Jacobson,
Sales Director

"Sales is about meeting needs, support is about exceeding expectations"

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Why manage cloud services with Gridheart?

We Support Your Cloud Journey

Local Support

Simplified Billing


Easy Management

All-in-one Marketplace

Free Cloud Platform

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