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TitanHQ for MSPs

Cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, including email protection, web security and more.

Key Benefits
of TitanHQ

  • ArcTitan - Email archiving

  • SpamTitan - Email anti-spam

  • WebTitan - DNS filtering

  • PhishTitan - Phishing protection

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Included in TitanHQ

SpamTitan - Email anti-spam

Protection against spam, phishing, malware and other email-based threats.

ArcTitan - Email archiving

Securely store, manage and retrieve email communications for compliance and e-discovery purposes.

WebTitan - DNS filtering

A web filtering tool and protection against web-based threats. Manage internet usage and block access to harmful or inappropriate websites.

PhishTitan - Phishing protection

Phishing protection and remediation solution for Microsoft 365.

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for MSP

What types of security threats does TitanHQ protect against?

TitanHQ provides protection against spam, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email and web-based threats.

Can TitanHQ solutions be integrated into an MSP's existing systems?

Yes, TitanHQ solutions are designed to integrate with MSPs' existing systems.

What other services does TitanHQ offer?

TitanHQ also offer services for email encryption, security awareness, URL rewriting and more.

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