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WithSecure for MSPs

A comprehensive cybersecurity solution tailored for Managed Service Providers, offering advanced threat protection, endpoint security, and cloud-based management tools to safeguard their clients' digital assets.

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What is WithSecure?


WithSecure is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers advanced threat protection, endpoint security, and cloud-based management tools to help Managed Service Providers safeguard their clients' digital environments.

Key Benefits
of WithSecure

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Endpoint Security

  • Cloud-Based Management

  • Customizable Security Policies

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Response

  • Automated Updates and Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

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Included in WithSecure

Endpoint Protection

Advanced solutions for protecting clients' devices, such as computers and mobile devices, against malware, ransomware, and other threats.

Network Security Solutions

Tools to secure clients' networks, including firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Access to real-time threat intelligence and monitoring services to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats.

Data Protection and Encryption

Features to safeguard sensitive client data, including encryption tools for data at rest and in transit.

Email and Web Security

Solutions to protect against email-based threats and ensure safe web browsing.

Automated Security Updates and Patch Management

Systems to ensure that all security applications are up-to-date with the latest patches and updates.

Vulnerability Management

Tools to identify and manage vulnerabilities within clients' IT environments.

Compliance Management Tools

Features that assist in maintaining compliance with various regulatory standards like GDPR.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

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What types of threats does WithSecure protect against?

WithSecure provides protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and advanced persistent threats.

How does WithSecure's cloud-based management work?

WithSecure offers a centralized, cloud-based console that allows MSPs to manage and monitor the security of multiple clients from a single platform, streamlining administration and oversight.

Does WithSecure offer data protection and privacy solutions?

The solution includes tools for data protection and encryption, ensuring the privacy and security of client data and aiding in compliance with regulations like GDPR.

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