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Gridheart and Cloudist Enter Strategic Partnership to Offer Swedish-Produced Cloud Services

Cloudist Gridheart

Stockholm, June 26, 2024 - Gridheart, a leading Nordic cloud distributor, today announces its new partnership with Cloudist, a specialist in Swedish-produced cloud services. Through this collaboration, Gridheart will include Cloudist's comprehensive range of cloud services in its offerings, providing customers with access to locally produced and high-quality cloud solutions.

Cloudist offers a range of services including scalable storage solutions, virtual servers, and backup, all with a focus on sustainability. Their cloud services are powered 100% by renewable energy, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint while accessing reliable and efficient solutions.

"We are very excited to collaborate with Cloudist," says Carl Hagström, CEO of Gridheart AB. "This partnership strengthens our position as a leading cloud distributor and provides our customers with access to the best Swedish-produced cloud services."

"In partnership with Gridheart, we are taking Cloudist's climate-positive cloud platform to new levels and opening up new opportunities," says Jasenko Masic, CEO of Cloudist. "Our ambition is to be a leader in the development of green cloud services, which requires innovative thinking, new energy, and new perspectives. We and Gridheart are a perfect match: their commitment to simplifying and improving cloud service management, along with their strong values in innovation and sustainability, is exactly what we seek in a partnership. Together, we enable the delivery of reliable and environmentally friendly IT services that not only meet today's needs but also take responsibility for the future in every way. Through our partnership, we strengthen Cloudist's promise and motto, 'Green Clouds Ahead™'"

About Cloudist:

Cloudist is a leading Swedish cloud provider challenging the major players by offering 100% sustainable and green cloud services. We focus on predictable costs without lock-in, as well as accessible and personalized service. Our vision is to become the leading player in green cloud services and the best choice for IT partners in the Nordics. Green Clouds Ahead. Learn more at

About Gridheart:

Gridheart is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for MSPs in the Nordics. In a digital age where IT security is of utmost importance, Gridheart offers world-class security solutions. We specialize in delivering cloud services that protect digital assets in an ever-changing IT landscape, where new cyber threats constantly emerge.


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