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Cloudist for MSPs

Cloud portal for green infrastructure services such as virtual data centers and S3 storage.

Key Benefits
of Cloudist

  • Produced in Sweden

  • Virtual infrastructure

  • Object lock

  • Green secure cloud solutions

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Included in Cloudist

Produced in Sweden

All data is handled in Sweden, operated by Swedish companies and regulated by Swedish laws.

Object lock

Configures S3 buckets for Object Lock - which increases protection against ransomware by protecting data by becoming immutable.

Virtual infrastructure

Build virtual infrastructure in different regions adapted to customer needs and reach all Nordic capitals under 15ms.

Green secure cloud solutions

With Cloudist you can deliver sustainable solutions such as virtual data center, S3 storage, disaster recovery and M365 backup.

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for MSP

How does Cloudist work with sustainability?

Cloudist's data centers are located in Falun/Piteå and utilize 100% renewable energy from wind and hydropower. The strategic position in northern Sweden also provides natural cooling for much of the year.

What are the contract lengths with Cloudist, and do they have hidden fees?

Cloudist has no binding periods and no notice periods. They have publicly detailed price lists available here.

What certifications does Cloudist have?

Cloudist is ISO 27001 certified and will complete ISO 14001 certification in September 2024.

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