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Still sending messages or files unsecured? Securing your email doesn’t have to be complicated. Just use DeliverySlip

Transform Office 365™ into a powerful, secure communications & collaboration platform with DeliverySlip

Powered by 10 patents and stress tests by KPMG, you can trust DeliverySlip to keep your communications safe. DeliverySlip is the leader in email encryption and file security. Used and trusted in virtually every industry with over 5 million users and growing every day.

DeliverySlip protects and enhances your business communication workflows with encryption, legally-binding e-approvals and e-signatures, secure large file sharing up to 5 GB, and more—alongside your existing Office 365 tools. DeliverySlip works right inside Office 365 on all systems and mobile devices— Mac, PC, desktop, mobile, Android, iOS—adding flexibility, bank-grade security, and additional email functionality to all your communication devices. With Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, there’s no new application to learn and no new password to remember.


As mission control for your email communications, Delivery Slip brings tracking, control, and full audit capabilities to the sharing of your information. Email controls, such as ForwardFreeze and ReplyFreeze, and live status updates to see who has opened, read, forwarded, replied or deleted your email can be found in your existing inbox.

Easy To Use


Get started right away with no complicated setup or technical support required.


Transform Office 365 into a secure communications tool, using Outlook, OWA, or Windows Mobile. Enjoy Single Sign-On (SSO) and seamless integration with Microsoft Data Leak Prevention (DLP).




Request or provide legally-binding secure e-signatures and e-approvals in seconds right in Office 365, without any additional workflows or third-party applications.


Securely send, receive, track, and control file attachments up to 5 GB directly within Office 365, regardless of any attachment size restrictions in place.


Transform Office 365 into a secure communications tool, using Outlook, OWA, or Windows Mobile. Enjoy Single Sign-On (SSO) and seamless integration with Microsoft Data Leak Prevention (DLP).


With custom message retention policies, support for legal hold and email archiving capabilities, DeliverySlip facilitates e-discovery and e-audit.

Communicate simply, collaboratively & productively with DeliverySlip for Office 365™


DeliverySlip powers a seamless user experience through Apps and Extensions in Office 365, such as Outlook and Microsoft DLP. DeliverySlip is easy to use and works right within your inbox, ensuring rapid adoption without requiring any additional training. With no cumbersome security keys to manage, organizations can easily conduct business with all stakeholders in a secure, closed-loop environment that is simple to deploy, manage, and scale. Users simply compose an email as usual, choose from a range of delivery options and message controls in Delivery Slip, and hit “Send Secure.” It’s that simple.

The first truly secure way to easily and quickly sign and exchange digitally approved documents


Electronic signature functionality is rapidly becoming an essential tool in every business, with users increasingly expecting the process to be fast, simple, and secure. While many products offer fast and simple e-signature capabilities and others offer full security, only DeliverySlip provides all three—without the added cost and burden of additional encryption software. Enjoy secure, simple, and fast e-signature capability with DeliverySlip.


Use DeliverySlip to securely share, track, and control single or multiple file attachments up to 5 GB—directly from your email


Sharing large files securely can be a challenging and complicated process that often results in sensitive data being risked in the interest of expediency. With DeliverySlip, you don’t have to choose between security and efficiency.


With simple drag and drop functionality and bank-grade encryption right from inside Office 365, Outlook or Gmail, sharing large files has never been easier. And because the files are securely stored in the cloud, you won’t overload anybody’s inbox.


Eliminate the cost and risk of unsecured file sharing and transferring files via unprotected servers. Save on courier costs. Reduce the load on your email infrastructure and increase user productivity with a more efficient workflow.


Stop risking your sensitive data and send your large files securely right from within your email..



DeliverySlip quickly and seamlessly integrates into existing email environments, such as Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, as well as with DLP engines, SSO (Single Sign-On) and archiving systems. Fully functional apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms are free and easy to install and use. Plus, because users are authenticated using existing email addresses, they don’t need to create (or remember) an additional profile.


DeliverySlip lets you easily and securely send and receive file attachments of any format and up to 5 GB, both within your organization and beyond. All messages and attachments are protected throughout the exchange and can only be viewed by you and your recipients. DeliverySlip creates a secure community for both internal and external recipients, protecting your communications with bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption.


DeliverySlip’s asynchronous file transfer method fully supports file size limitations set by many organizations. With DeliverySlip, you can send multiple large files at the same time, without having to create a series of multiple, smaller messages due to size restrictions. DeliverySlip breaks down large files into 4 MB chunks while in transit and stores them encrypted on the cloud server to avoid network issues; the DeliverySlip HTTPS API makes it seem like a regular transaction to the network.


Because attachments are shared via the secure cloud, content can be forwarded without having to download a local copy. The same is true for recipients who have been cc’d for “information only” purposes. They can choose whether or not to download content, helping control storage limits on inboxes and hard drives and reducing the load on your network.


With DeliverySlip, you can provide or request authentication on a wide range of files (such as contracts, x-rays, mortgage agreements, etc.) up to 5 GB, without the need for additional complex workflows to accomplish the task. Save time without sacrificing security by streamlining the workflow for approvals for vacation requests, expense reports, PTO requests, and more. Plus, DeliverySlip E-Signature lets you easily and securely request and provide legally binding e-signatures on documents.


Delivery Slip provides live updates the moment a secure message and attachments are received and downloaded. Users can avoid needless follow-up and know with certainty that their content has been received.


DeliverySlip offers numerous options for controlling messages and attachments. Easily control whether messages can be replied to or forwarded; set messages to expire at a later date; or completely recall messages if necessary—even after they’ve been delivered. For especially sensitive information, DeliverySlip’s Confidential and FYEO (“For Your Eyes Only”) provide additional protection to individual messages, requiring authentication credentials or passwords to unlock messages.


When a file is shared with DeliverySlip, it is assigned a unique identifier for tracking, audit, and e-Discovery purposes. This information is displayed in the file’s Delivery Slip, indicating who has accessed, downloaded, shared, or printed the file—complete with timestamps and IP addresses for full non-repudiation. To maintain control over sensitive data, access to files can also be revoked at any time by the owner. DeliverySlip enhances compliance with major privacy and security laws and regulations (including E-SIGN, GLBA, and HIPAA in the US; PIPEDA in Canada; and the Electronic Transactions Act in Australia).