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Axcient x360 Sync for MSPs


A secure file sync and share solution that enables Managed Service Providers to offer their clients cloud-enabled file services with advanced collaboration features and data protection.

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What is Axcient x360 Sync?


Axcient x360 Sync for MSPs is a file synchronization and sharing platform designed to offer secure, cloud-based file services, enhancing collaboration and data protection for their clients.

Key Benefits
of Axcient x360 Sync

  • Enhanced Data Security

  • Easy Collaboration

  • Cloud-Based Accessibility

  • Automated Syncing

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Compliance Support

  • Centralized Management

  • Customizable Settings

  • Scalability

  • Integration Capabilities

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Included in Axcient x360 Sync

File Synchronization

Automatically syncs files across devices to ensure that the most current version of a file is always available.

Data Backup and Recovery

Provides robust backup solutions to protect against data loss, including options for recovering deleted or previous versions of files.

Cloud-Based File Sharing

Enables sharing of files and folders securely over the cloud, both within an organization and with external partners.

Secure Data Storage

Ensures the security of stored data with encryption and other advanced security measures.

Mobile Access

Offers mobile applications for accessing and managing files on the go, enhancing productivity and flexibility for users.

Administrative Controls

Gives MSPs control over user access and permissions, ensuring that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized individuals.

Collaboration Tools

Facilitates collaboration through shared folders and files, allowing multiple users to work on documents simultaneously.

Integration with Other Systems

Capable of integrating with other business tools and systems to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Axcient x360 Sync
for MSP

What Makes Avanan Different from Traditional Email Security Solutions?

Unlike traditional solutions that rely on rerouting email traffic, Avanan operates inside the cloud service, providing a more direct and less intrusive method of securing cloud-based email and applications.

How Can MSPs Implement Avanan for Their Clients?

MSPs can deploy Avanan quickly and easily through API-based integration, without the need for extensive configuration or changes to client email infrastructure.

Is Avanan Compliant with Industry Regulations?

Yes, Avanan helps businesses comply with various industry regulations by providing tools for data protection, DLP, and secure communications.

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