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Axcient x360 Recover for MSPs


A comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solution that offers managed service providers flexible, appliance-free, and cloud-based data protection.

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What is Axcient x360 Recover?


Axcient x360Recover for MSPs is a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution designed to protect clients' data and ensure business continuity with minimal downtime.

Key Benefits
of Axcient x360 Recover

  • Rapid Recovery

  • Chain-Free Backup Technology

  • Flexibility in Deployment

  • Virtual Office for Disaster Recovery

  • Automated Testing and Verification

  • AirGap Technology

  • Local and Cloud Storage Options

  • Compliance Support

  • Unified Management Interface

  • Customizable Retention Policies

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Included in Axcient x360 Recover

Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

Facilitates the restoration of a complete system to the same or different hardware, crucial for disaster recovery scenarios.

Automated Backup Verification (AutoVerify)

This feature automatically tests and verifies the integrity of backups, ensuring that data is recoverable.

Chain-Free Backup Technology

A unique approach to backups that enhances efficiency and reduces complexity in backup processes.

Flexible Deployment Options

x360Recover supports various deployment models, including cloud-based, hybrid (cloud and local), and local only, to cater to different client requirements.

AirGap Protection

A security feature designed to protect against ransomware and accidental data deletions, ensuring that backup data remains intact and recoverable.

Local Cache

An optional feature that pairs with Direct-to-Cloud backups, providing a local data storage option for accelerated recovery.

Virtual Office for Disaster Recovery Testing

Allows MSPs to simulate and test disaster recovery scenarios in a virtual environment, ensuring preparedness for actual disaster events.

Customizable Retention Policies

Enables MSPs to set and manage data retention policies according to the specific needs of their clients.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Axcient x360 Recover
for MSP

How does x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) work?

x360Recover D2C can be used with an Axcient-hosted cloud vault for setting up backups directly to the cloud. Customized agents are deployed from the vault, pre-configured for specific customers. These agents include enhanced identity management and authentication features for secure operation in a multi-tenant environment​.

What are the recovery options available in x360Recover D2C?

Recovery options include file and folder recovery, virtual disk export with major hypervisor disk formats supported, and Bare Metal Restore (BMR) to disparate hardware.

What environments can be protected with x360Recover D2C?

D2C is ideal for clients who don’t want a dedicated appliance due to cost or IT distribution, for protecting virtual machines in the cloud, and for endpoints that are not on the same local area network. It also supports protecting desktops or laptops and leveraging existing devices like NAS devices and USB disks​.

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