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Storyals for MSPs

A digital learning solution that offers engaging, story-based training and productivity courses specifically designed to help Managed Service Providers enhance their teams' skills and knowledge in Microsoft 365 and other technologies.

Discover the Storyals solution

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What is Storyals?


Storyals is a digital learning solution that provides Managed Service Providers with storytelling-based tutorials and training resources to enhance their clients' proficiency and adoption of Microsoft 365 tools.

Key Benefits
of Storyals

  • Engaging Learning Experience

  • Enhanced Microsoft 365 Adoption

  • Customizable Training Content

  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduced Support Costs

  • Trackable Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced Client Value Proposition

  • Remote Learning Capabilities

  • Continuous Learning and Development

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Included in Storyals

Storytelling-Based Tutorials

Engaging and narrative-driven video tutorials that make learning about Microsoft 365 tools more interesting and memorable.

Wide Range of Microsoft 365 Topics

Covers a broad spectrum of Microsoft 365 applications and features, ensuring comprehensive learning.

Customizable Training Modules

Flexibility to tailor training modules to fit the specific needs and learning objectives of different clients.

Interactive Learning Materials

Inclusion of interactive elements like quizzes and exercises to enhance engagement and retention.

User Progress Tracking

Tools to monitor and track user progress and engagement, allowing MSPs to measure the effectiveness of the training.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams for easy access and collaboration within the learning platform.

Remote Access to Training Content

Online access to training materials, enabling users to learn remotely and at their own pace.

Continuous Updates on New Features

Regular updates on new and evolving features of Microsoft 365, keeping the training material current and relevant.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

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How does Storyals enhance Microsoft 365 learning?

Storyals uses a unique storytelling approach in its tutorials, making learning about Microsoft 365 tools more engaging, relatable, and effective compared to traditional training methods.

How does Storyals benefit MSPs?

By enhancing client proficiency in Microsoft 365, Storyals reduces basic support queries and adds value to MSPs’ service offerings, improving client satisfaction and reducing support costs.

Is Storyals compatible with remote and hybrid work environments?

Yes, Storyals' online training platform is ideal for remote and hybrid work settings, allowing users to access training content from anywhere and at their convenience.

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