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MDR is not new, but MDR with built-in recovery is

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Having advanced security services is now crucial for many businesses, but resources are often quite limited. However, the demand for these services will increase over time as cyber threats rapidly grow and become more sophisticated.

Endpoints are typically the most attractive targets for cybercriminals targeting client servers, laptops, and workstations. As the digital world evolves, IT environments will also expand further, and the task of managing attack surfaces will become increasingly difficult for MSPs.

Today, common endpoint detection and response (EDR) products on the market are a substantial investment for companies, they can be complex to use, and may require significant resources to achieve a good ROI.

The lack of IT talent significantly affects service providers, making it harder to use complex security solutions such as EDR without major investments in training or hiring security experts. According to a recent survey, 67% of cybersecurity professionals reported that their organizations faced a shortage of cybersecurity personnel needed to prevent and resolve security issues.

As a solution to all this, Acronis is now introducing its new MDR service as part of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. It offers modern SOC capabilities remotely 24/7/365 to minimize resource requirements and give MSPs the opportunity to scale up cybersecurity services and increase revenues from both new and existing customers.

Here's what you can expect with Acronis MDR:

  • Continuous monitoring and detection 24/7/365.

  • Investigations led by skilled security analysts.

  • Faster prioritization of security incidents based on real-time alerts and detailed analysis.

  • Immediate response and improved average time to response (MTTR).

  • Measures that include data recovery that can be fully outsourced if desired.

With an MDR team available 24/7/365, your IT technicians can flexibly offload parts or all endpoint security activities and focus on other important areas of the business instead.

What's the biggest difference with Acronis MDR compared to other MDR services?

Many common MDR services do not include data recovery after a cyberattack. MDR with a big R (response) are those MDR services that actually include data recovery and take actions on cyber threats rather than just detecting and informing about them. The biggest difference with Acronis MDR compared to many other MDR services is that they are indeed an MDR service with a big R - they offer actions on current threats with data recovery after a cyberattack.

Want to know more about Acronis's new MDR service? Contact us here and we will make sure to provide you with all the information you need :)


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