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Nerdio Manager for MSP

Multi-tenant Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Deployment, Management, and Optimization Platform for Managed Service Providers.

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Discover Nerdio for MSP

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Automatically provision a complete AVD or Windows 365 environment in a few hours or connect to an existing environment in minutes.


Manage all your clients in a single pane of glass admin portal - without the need for an experienced Azure engineer – and eliminating the possibility of human error.


Save up to 75% on Microsoft Azure compute and storage costs using Nerdio’s Advanced Auto-scaling capabilities.

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Cloud Components

The Azure cloud center is made of the five foundational infrastructure components that make up any modern IT environment.

Nerdio Management Layer

This is where Nerdio comes in. Nerdio for Azure provides deployment, management, and optimization technologies to help you build a successful Microsoft Azure practice.

Managed Services Layer

The outer layer is made up of the MSPs’ value-added cloud services.

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