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Mail Assure for MSPs

A cloud-based security service that blocks email threats.

Key Benefits
of N-able Mail Assure

  • Blocks 98.69% of all malware, according to tests by Virus Bulletin.

  • 99.50% phishing catch rate

  • Awarded the highest VBSpam+ certification

  • Nearly 100% filtering accuracy

  • Threat intelligence that uses data from over 23 million mailboxes

  • Simple onboarding

  • Multi-tenant

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Included in N-able Mail Assure

Advanced Email Security

Protection against spam, viruses, malware, phishing, and other email threats.

Cost-effective email protection

A fully cloud-based email protection that does not require the purchase of new hardware or installation of software on your clients' devices.

24/7 Email Continuity

Ensuring that email services remain available, even in the event of an outage in the primary email system.

Private portal

A feature that sends a notification to recipients when they receive an email containing sensitive information based on policies configured by partners.

Full control of all emails

Access and permission levels to view quarantine messages, and to release, delete, or block these messages as needed.

DLP with email archiving

Built-in email archiving feature that encrypts, compresses, and stores all legitimate incoming and outgoing messages in Mail Assure's cloud-based vault.

Integration Capabilities

Compatibility with various email platforms such as Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Google Workspace.

Regional data storage

Option to choose storage locations for your logs, quarantines, and archive data in the USA, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Mail assure N-able

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N-able Mail Assure
for MSP

How does Mail Assure enhance email security for MSP clients?

It offers advanced threat protection, including spam filtering, virus and malware defense, and phishing protection, using sophisticated algorithms and threat intelligence.

What are the key features of Mail Assure for MSPs?

Key features include advanced threat protection, 24/7 email continuity, email archiving, data loss prevention, customizable security policies, and a multi-tenant dashboard for easy management.

Is there an email archiving solution within Mail Assure?

Yes, Mail Assure includes a secure, encrypted email archiving feature that helps in compliance and easy retrieval of email data.

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