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Migrationwiz for MSPs

A cloud-based data migration tool that enables the seamless transfer of emails, files, and other data between different mail and file storage systems.

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What is MigrationWiz?


MigrationWiz for MSP (Managed Service Providers) is a specialized version of the MigrationWiz tool, designed to help MSPs efficiently manage and execute multiple data migration projects for their clients.

Key Benefits
of MigrationWiz

  • Comprehensive Data Transfer

  • Scalability

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving

  • Reduced Complexity

  • Cloud-Based Solution

  • Cost-Effective

  • Multi-Tenant Dashboard

  • Security and Compliance

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Included in MigrationWiz

Email Migration

Supports migration of email data from various source servers to the destination servers, including attachments, folders, and metadata.

Archive Migration

Assists in moving archived emails and data, ensuring historical data is transferred securely and intact.

File Migration

Enables the transfer of files and documents from one cloud storage or file-sharing service to another.

Public Folder Migration

Facilitates the migration of public folders from one email system to another, maintaining structure and permissions.

Collaboration Platform Migration

Supports migration to and from collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and others.

Advanced Project Management Tools

Provides tools for planning, tracking, and managing multiple migration projects simultaneously.

Customizable Migration Plans

Offers the ability to create tailored migration plans to suit specific client needs and timelines.

User and Mailbox Mapping

Tools to help map users and mailboxes from source to destination systems, simplifying the migration setup.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

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What types of data can be migrated using MigrationWiz?

MigrationWiz supports the migration of various types of data, including email, contacts, calendars, documents, and more. It is commonly used for email migrations, like moving from one email platform (e.g., Exchange, G Suite, Office 365) to another.

Is MigrationWiz suitable for large-scale migrations?

Yes, MigrationWiz is suitable for both small and large-scale migrations. It can handle migrations involving thousands of mailboxes and large volumes of data. MSPs can scale their usage based on their specific needs.

What are the benefits of using MigrationWiz for MSPs?

MigrationWiz simplifies complex migration projects, reduces downtime, and minimizes the risk of data loss during migrations. It also provides project management and reporting tools that help MSPs keep track of migration progress.

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