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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security for MSPs

Integrate various solutions to manage identity, access, devices, and information across an organization.

Discover the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security solution

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What is Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security?


Microsoft EMS is a cloud-based offering that combines several Microsoft products to help manage and protect employees, data, and devices. It includes services like Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

Key Benefits
of Microsoft
Enterprise Mobility + Security:

  • Comprehensive Identity Management

  • Mobile Device and Application Management

  • Information Protection

  • Advanced Threat Analytics

  • Integrated Security Management

  • Cloud App Security

  • Unified Endpoint Management

  • Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

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Included in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Comprehensive Security

Offers advanced security features to protect against threats, including identity-driven security and threat intelligence.

Identity and Access Management

Provides identity-driven security controls and access policies to safeguard data and resources.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enables centralized management of mobile devices, ensuring secure access and compliance.

Conditional Access

Allows organizations to set access policies based on conditions, ensuring secure access to applications and data.

Information Protection

Safeguards sensitive data through encryption, rights management, and data loss prevention.

Threat Intelligence

Leverages real-time threat intelligence to detect and respond to security incidents promptly.

Azure Active Directory

Facilitates secure authentication and identity management in the cloud, supporting seamless access to various Microsoft and third-party applications.

Collaboration Security

Enhances the security of collaborative tools, such as Microsoft 365, to protect communication and collaboration across the organization.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Enterprise Mobility + Security
for MSP

How Can MSPs Implement EMS for Their Clients?

MSPs can integrate EMS into their existing service offerings to enhance security and compliance for their clients. They can also use EMS to manage their own internal IT environments.

What are the Licensing Options for EMS?

EMS is available in different licensing options, suitable for businesses of varying sizes and needs. MSPs can choose the plan that best fits their and their clients' requirements.

What are the Key Components of EMS?
  • Azure Active Directory Premium: For identity and access management.

  • Microsoft Intune: For mobile device and application management.

  • Azure Information Protection: For data protection and compliance.

  • Advanced Threat Analytics: For identifying and responding to security threats.

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