Automatically Discover, Document and Audit All Your Systems

Still manually logging in to manage Internet Domains, SQL Servers and every system in between? Unify systems in Liongard to audit historical data, see critical changes, set proactive alerts and report across the IT stack.

Liongard Roar automates the retrieval of configuration state data from cloud, network, and on-premises systems to automate documentation, detect critical changes, and assess security continuously for MSPs.

Automate IT Documentation

Onboard customers faster and monitor system changes daily with Liongard's unified automation platform.​

Proactively Secure and Protect

Conduct rapid security assessments and ensure all your customers' systems are protected with automated alerts.

Strengthen Sales and Account Management

Unlock data with Liongard for periodic business reviews, scoping new projects and converting customers to Managed Services.

Unlock the Power of Automation and Rapidly Secure and Scale Your MSP

Liongard provides an automation platform that managed service providers (MSPs) use to attain deep visibility into their customer's cloud, network and on-premises environments. The platform daily documents customer IT environments, identifies and then alerts to critical environment changes while providing a single source to report across all customer systems. Liongard’s MSP partners report time savings on-boarding new customers, faster ticket resolution times, accurate billing of cloud licenses in addition to stories of how the platform helps them retain monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

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