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Den ledande plattformen för hantering av molntjänster


Vår marknadsplats har utvecklats under tio år och används av tusentals organisationer för att hjälpa dem att sälja, köpa, konsumera och hantera sina processer, personer och finansiella transaktioner.


Gridheart Marketplace är fullpackad med funktionalitet. Vi rekommenderar att du bokar en  skräddarsydd demonstration.

Full vit etikett

Med vår vita etikettfunktionalitet kan du erbjuda en anpassad URL och inloggningsskärm för dina kunder, ändra utseendet och känslan för ditt varumärke och konfigurera e-postmeddelanden med ditt varumärke och "från" -adress.



Prenumerationer har mycket mer metadata och dimensioner än en enkel produkt. Gridheart förenklar och automatiserar processen från slutet till slut.


Digital produktkatalog

Produktkonfiguration, prissättning, offert, orderhantering, kontraktslivscykler och mer ... Stordriftsfördelar kan uppnås genom att aggregera data, arbetsflöden och processer till ett enda verktyg.


E-butiker för privatkunder

Skapa ditt tjänsteerbjudande från Gridheart Services och skapa en gemensam eller anpassad privat e-butik för dina kunder. Dina säljteam stöds fullt ut för att skapa offertar, hjälpa försäljningen eller godkänna självbetjäningsköp.



Self-Service Sales

Your customers can discover and buy your products, services and subscriptions at any time, from anywhere, on any device. Pricing can be customized on a per-customer basis and approval routines are easy to activate. Quotes can be created, sent and approved from within the platform.

Self-Service Renewals

All subscriptions in Gridheart will have renewal rules set by you or the vendor. Sales teams are able to manage upcoming renewals and customers can approve non-recurring renewals in Gridheart.

Self-Service Operations

With Gridheart you can manage services on behalf of customers or offer self-service management. Customers can start and stop subscriptions, subject to billing rules and re-allocate subscriptions to other users.

Self Service Billing


Customers can see a full billing report for services managed in Gridheart. This removes the need to send a complex, detailed invoice and reduces billing inquiries

Digitally Transform Your Sales And Account Management Teams


Once your products are set up in Gridheart, the sales and account management process becomes digital and quoting is accurate and fast. Orders can be initiated instantly and customers can self-serve from their storefront.  Account managers get real-time views of use and utilization. Renewals are automated or easily assisted. 

As sales are managed in Gridheart, whether initiated by the customer or salesperson, all actions are recorded. The handover from a quote to the provisioning team or automated provisioning processes is seamless and of course, billing information is automatically calculated depending on the pre-set business rules.

Operational Efficiencies


Operational teams will now be in sync with sales and account management. Improvements in consistency of data, orders, pricing and workflow will reduce friction and errors due to reduced manual handling. Optional linking via APIs to other business systems will further increase automation and efficiencies.

As products and services are added to the marketplace, contract term, payment frequency, and renewal terms are configured. Provisioning or fulfilment actions can be fully automated using the Service Connector.  Recurring activities, such as changes to product quantities and billing, are managed by Gridheart.

Scale Your Business


As product configuration, pricing, quoting, order management and contract lifecycles become a one-time activity, scale is achieved by reducing manual processes and by aggregating data, workflows and processes into a single tool. 

Automated Billing Process


When monthly and multi-year contract periods are combined with different payment frequencies, the administration soon gets too complex for most ERP/accounting systems. From the central product catalog — where per-customer pricing is centrally managed — through to the complexity of metered billing, Gridheart aggregates billing reports into one easy-to-understand report for onward invoicing.

Billing Reports, Exports And APIs


All billing data can be viewed, exported and accessed via API. Creating an API connection between Gridheart and your ERP system enables full end-to-end automation.

Cost Reconciliation


Connecting customer usages with your cost prices in Gridheart unlocks the important opportunity to easily reconcile supplier costs and view margins at a service and customer level. This level of transparency of costs and sales can potentially save you thousands.

Billing Self-Service

Gridheart enables you to send a simple invoice and give customers access to a billing breakdown. This reduces billing related support calls.

Customer Portal


A smart customer portal is essential for modern customer relationships. By providing a customer portal you can lower your operational costs and drive higher customer engagement.

Subscription Billing


Advance your operational efficiency and eliminate error-prone processes by using Gridheart to streamline subscription management from quote to billing. Gridheart can also help you to define and create new bespoke offers and bundles for new and existing customers.

Quote to Billing Process Automation

We can help you with your digital transformation by automating and streamlining core processes, from quote through to billing.

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