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Insights BI Analytics for MSPs

A powerful analytics tool that provides Managed Service Providers with advanced business intelligence capabilities to analyze, visualize, and derive actionable insights from their clients' data backup and security metrics.

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What is Dropsuite Insights BI Analytics?


Dropsuite Insights BI Analytics is an advanced analytics platform that equips Managed Service Providers with comprehensive business intelligence tools to effectively analyze, visualize, and optimize their clients' data protection strategies.

Key Benefits
of Dropsuite Insights BI Analytics

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Advanced Data Visualization

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • Client Data Insights

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Efficient Reporting

  • Trend Analysis

  • Operational Efficiency

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Included in Dropsuite Insights BI Analytics

Advanced Analytics Engine

Sophisticated tools for analyzing large volumes of data related to backups, security, and client interactions.

Data Visualization Tools

Comprehensive set of data visualization options including graphs, charts, and heat maps to help MSPs easily interpret complex data sets.

Customizable Dashboards

User-friendly interfaces with customizable dashboards that allow MSPs to track and visualize key performance indicators and metrics.

Automated Reporting

Capabilities for generating automated, detailed reports for internal use or client presentations.

Trend Identification

Tools to identify and analyze trends within the data, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making.

Client Data Insights

Deep insights into client data, offering a clearer understanding of backup and security needs and usage patterns.

Performance Monitoring

Features to monitor the performance of backup and security services, identifying areas for improvement.

Integration Capabilities

Ability to integrate with other tools and platforms used by MSPs for a seamless data analytics experience.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Dropsuite Insights Analytics
for MSP

How can MSPs benefit from using Dropsuite Insights Analytics?

MSPs can benefit from enhanced data-driven decision-making, advanced data visualization, customizable reporting, and improved understanding of client needs and service performance.

What types of data can be analyzed with Dropsuite Insights Analytics?

The platform is capable of analyzing a wide range of data related to client backups, security, service usage, performance metrics, and more.

How does Dropsuite Insights Analytics enhance client engagement?

By providing deep insights into client data and behavior, MSPs can use the platform to tailor their services more effectively, thereby enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

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