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Datto RMM for MSPs

Datto RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that provides tools for efficient remote monitoring, management, and support of client networks and devices.

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What is Datto RMM?


Datto RMM is a cloud-based remote monitoring and management tool specifically designed for MSPs to efficiently manage and support their clients' IT infrastructure and devices remotely.

Key Benefits
of Datto RMM

  • Centralized Management

  • Automated Processes

  • Enhanced Security

  • Customizable Alerts

  • Remote Support Capabilities

  • Integrated Patch Management

  • Scalable Solution

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • User-friendly Interface

  • Cloud-based Platform

Datto RMM

Included in Datto RMM

Microsoft 365 Management

Integrates seamlessly for an overview of tenants, users, and devices.

Monitoring, Automation, and Scripting

Includes native Ransomware Detection and customizable automated tasks.

Flexible Patch Management

Automates patch policies for client machines.

RMM Manageable WiFi

Integrates Datto Networking for cloud-managed networking services.

Integration with Autotask PSA

Streamlines reporting to showcase client support.

Network Topology Maps

Visual representation of networks for better management.

Dynamic Automation with RMM Scripts

Offers real-time monitoring and control over automated tasks.

Open Rest API

Allows for custom integrations.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Datto RMM
for MSP

Does Datto RMM integrate with Microsoft 365?

Yes, Datto RMM includes Microsoft 365 management features for an integrated overview of tenants, users, and devices.

How does Datto RMM handle patch management?

Datto RMM offers flexible, automated patch management to keep client machines secure and up-to-date.

Are there any reporting and analytics features in Datto RMM?

The platform offers flexible reporting and dashboards with a robust API for detailed analytics and insights.

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