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Cove Data Protection for MSPs

Cloud-based backup & disaster recovery at a low total cost.

Key Benefits
of Cove Data Protection

  • Microsoft 365 backup included

  • Cove's customers report up to 10 times less administrative time

  • Cove's backups are 60 times smaller than image backups, allowing for more frequent backups for better RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives).

  • Flexible recovery - either locally or in Azure

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Included in N-able Cove Data Protection


Prioritizes cloud storage for backups, ensuring accessibility and security.

Data retention

Cove Data Protection's per-device pricing means you won't accumulate fees as you expand your data storage.

Disaster Recovery

Offers solutions for quick recovery in case of data loss events.

M365 backup

Manage backups and restores of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) from the same dashboard as for servers and workstations.

cove data protection

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N-able Cove Data Protection
for MSP

What types of data can be protected with Cove Data Protection?

Cove Data Protection is designed to protect a wide range of data types, including files on servers and workstations, as well as data within Microsoft 365 applications.

How does Cove Data Protection ensure data security?

Cove Data Protection uses encrypted cloud storage and secure backup processes to ensure the safety and integrity of the data it protects.

Can Cove Data Protection be scaled for different sizes of MSPs?

Yes, Cove Data Protection is scalable and can accommodate the growing data protection needs of MSPs of various sizes.

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