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Acronis MDR for MSPs

Let Acronis security experts take care of your cybersecurity.

Key Benefits
of Acronis MDR

  • Recovery from backups after attack

  • 24/7/365 SOC monitoring

  • Collaboration with Novacoast

  • Get guidance from the MDR team

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Included in Acronis MDR

Recovery from backups after attack

24/7/365 SOC monitoring

Options to completely outsource security and recovery operations.

Collaboration with Novacoast

Novacoast's security experts collaborate with Acronis for this MDR service.

Monitoring and support around the clock, year-round, from a world-class SOC team.

Get guidance from the MDR team

Limit your attack surface and reduce risks by receiving guidance from the MDR team on how to mitigate, stop, or prevent security incidents.


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Acronis MDR
for MSP

How does MDR improve security for MSPs?

MSPs can completely or partially outsource the monitoring of IT environments, thereby reducing the heavy resource burden on your company required to provide advanced security services.

Who are in most need of MDR?

MDR security services are especially needed for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have an internal SOC but need to protect their clients from the constantly increasing cyber threats and risks they face.

What is the benefit of having an MDR solution on top of data protection and endpoint management?

Having all your services under one roof can provide up to 60% better ROI because it reduces resource-intensive, daily activities across multiple consoles such as training, ticket handling, billing, and reporting.

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