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Advanced Management for MSPs

A comprehensive, multi-tenant solution that enables Managed Service Providers to efficiently manage, protect, and backup client data across multiple endpoints and systems.

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What is Advanced Management?


Acronis Advanced Management is a specialized platform designed to provide managed service providers with efficient tools for data protection, backup, and cybersecurity management across client networks.

Key Benefits
of Advanced Management

  • Centralized Management

  • Multi-Tenant Architecture

  • Advanced Security Features

  • Automated Backup

  • Scalability

  • Cloud and Local Storage Options

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Integration Capabilities

  • Cost-Efficiency

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Included in Advanced Management

Simplified Endpoint Management

It provides efficient delivery of endpoint management services, leveraging automation, intelligence, and integration across Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. This helps in building a proactive and responsive management infrastructure.

Enhanced Remote Desktop Management and Assistance

This feature offers secure remote desktop management and assistance, improving the security and performance of remote support. It supports seamless access and support for Windows, Linux, and macOS, which is crucial for managing a complex, hybrid workforce.

Machine Learning-Based Monitoring

The pack includes ML-based monitoring and smart alerting, specifically designed for MSPs. This feature allows proactive monitoring of clients’ workloads, reducing the number of generated alerts and enabling automatic remediation actions.

Advanced Security Features

The service includes enhanced security protections on remote desktops and Cyber Scripting, employing two-factor authentication (2FA) and AES encryption to prevent new vulnerabilities in management tools.

Automated Patching and Scripting

The platform facilitates the prevention of client downtime with automated patching across various applications and increases efficiency with out-of-the-box scripting for routine tasks.

Proactive Customer Experience

The combination of advanced management tools and automation services allows MSPs to offer proactive, preventative protection for clients, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Business Automation Tools

Acronis Advanced Automation will bring native business automation onto its platform, including billing automation, SLA tracking, support ticketing system, and operational reporting. This integration aims to streamline the delivery of Acronis-based services and improve business efficiency.

Proactive Notifications for Microsoft 365 Data Recovery

This feature provides proactive notifications following the recovery or downloading of backed-up data on Microsoft 365. This enables clients to respond quickly and effectively, enhancing data management and recovery processes​​.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Acronis Advanced Management
for MSP

What are the key benefits of using Acronis Advanced Management for MSPs?

Key benefits include centralized management across multiple clients, enhanced security features, automated backup solutions, scalability, cloud and local storage options, customizable reporting, integration capabilities, and cost-efficiency.​

Can Acronis Advanced Management automate routine tasks for MSPs?

Yes, it offers automation capabilities like out-of-the-box scripting to automate routine tasks, reduce management burden, and decrease the total cost of ownership. This automation extends to patch management and other repetitive operations.

Can Acronis Advanced Management integrate with other MSP tools?

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with popular MSP tools and platforms, providing streamlined workflows and enhancing operational efficiency.​

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