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Advanced File Sync & Share for MSPs

A comprehensive solution that enables Managed Service Providers to offer secure, efficient, and collaborative file synchronization and sharing services to their clients, enhancing productivity and data security.

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What is Advanced File Sync & Share?


Acronis Advanced File Sync and Share is a specialized service that provides Managed Service Providers with tools to offer their clients secure and efficient file synchronization and sharing capabilities, aimed at enhancing collaboration and data protection.

Key Benefits
of Advanced File Sync & Share

  • Electronic Signatures

  • Blockchain-Based Audit Trail

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Streamlined Document Workflows

  • Authenticity of Business Data

  • Independent File Verification

  • Secure File Sync and Share

  • Access from Any Device

  • Embedded eSignatures

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Included in Advanced File Sync & Share

Blockchain-Powered File Notarization

Allows clients to notarize files of any format and type, providing irrefutable proof of originality and immutability.

Immutable Audit Trail

Creates a blockchain-based audit trail for every action, ensuring data authenticity and integrity.

Electronic Signatures with Blockchain Certification

Enables remote electronic signing of documents with a blockchain-based certificate for authenticity.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Provides eSigning processes adhering to eIDAS standards for legally recognized and efficient electronic interactions.

Streamlined Document Workflows

Facilitates the entire document workflow, from creation to signing, with eIDAS eSignature and user verification.

Secure File Sync and Share

Comprehensive encryption and sophisticated policy controls for users, applications, and data.

Independent File Verification

Offers enterprise-class audit trails and independent validation of data authenticity, with the ability to verify files at any time.

Accessibility Across Devices

Enables secure creation, editing, signing, notarization, verification, and sharing of data on various devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Acronis File Sync & Share
for MSP

How does blockchain technology enhance Acronis File Sync and Share?

Blockchain technology in Acronis File Sync and Share provides file notarization and electronic signature capabilities. It creates an immutable audit trail for each file, ensuring the data's integrity and authenticity.​

Can clients electronically sign documents using Acronis File Sync and Share?

Yes, clients can electronically sign documents using this service. The electronic signatures are backed by blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity of both the signature and the document.

Is Acronis File Sync and Share compliant with regulatory standards?

Yes, the service adheres to regulatory compliance standards, including eIDAS, ensuring that electronic interactions are secure, legally recognized, and efficient.​

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