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Advanced Data Loss Protection (DLP) for MSPs

A comprehensive solution that provides robust protection against data breaches and leaks, securing sensitive information across various environments and platforms​.

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What is Advanced DLP?


Acronis Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a specialized tool designed to help Managed Service Providers protect their clients' sensitive data from unauthorized access and breaches, by implementing strict controls and monitoring across various platforms and environments​.

Key Benefits
of Advanced DLP

  • Enhanced Data Security

  • Compliance Management

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Customizable Control

  • Efficient Data Management

  • Multi-Platform Support

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Included in Advanced DLP

Protection for Sensitive Data Across Multiple Channels

It safeguards client data by preventing data leakage from workloads via peripheral devices and network communications, analyzing the content and context of data transfers, and enforcing policy-based controls.

Prompt Reactiveness to DLP Events

The solution enables rapid response and forensic investigations, simplifies DLP policy maintenance with centralized audit logs, and provides alerts on security events. Reporting is made easier with information-rich widgets.

Automatic, Behavior-Based DLP Policy Creation and Extension

This feature allows for the automatic baselining and profiling of sensitive data flows to create and continuously adjust DLP policies according to changing business specifics, ensuring protection against common data leaks.

Strengthening of Regulatory Compliance

Acronis Advanced DLP leverages pre-built data classifiers for common regulatory frameworks, such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc., to protect personally identifiable information (PII), patient health information (PHI), cardholder data, and documents marked as confidential.

Streamlined Data Loss Prevention

This feature helps in unlocking new profitability opportunities by improving revenue per client and attracting more clients with high-demand, MSP-managed DLP services that are easily accessible for clients of all sizes.

Reducing Data Leakage Risks and Strengthening Compliance

It minimizes the risks of data leakage and exfiltration by detecting and preventing sensitive information from being transferred to unauthorized parties, thereby strengthening clients’ regulatory compliance.

Minimizing Effort to Value and Speeding Up Provisioning

The DLP solution expands the service technology stack without increasing management complexity, costs, or headcount, and automates service provisioning and policy creation.

Customizable Data Protection Strategies

MSPs can tailor data protection strategies to fit the specific needs of their clients, offering a more personalized approach to data security.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Acronis Advanced DLP
for MSP

How does Acronis Advanced DLP protect sensitive data?

It analyzes the content and context of data transfers on protected workloads, preventing the leakage of sensitive information through a variety of channels, including peripheral devices and network communications, based on policy enforcement.​

Can Acronis Advanced DLP create automatic data protection policies?

Yes, it can automatically baseline and profile sensitive data flows to create and adjust DLP policies to business specifics. This ensures ongoing protection against common causes of data leaks without the need for manual policy definition.

Does Acronis Advanced DLP help with regulatory compliance?

Absolutely. It includes pre-built data classifiers for common regulatory frameworks like GDPR and HIPAA, helping protect personally identifiable information (PII), patient health information (PHI), cardholder data, and confidential documents.​

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