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Advanced Backup for MSPs

Advanced Backup offers enhanced data protection capabilities, including continuous data protection, off-host data processing, and comprehensive backup features for various environments and applications.

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What is Advanced Backup?


Acronis Advanced Backup is a sophisticated data protection solution offering comprehensive backup capabilities, including continuous data protection and advanced features for diverse environments and applications, tailored for Managed Service Providers.

Key Benefits
of Advanced Backup

  • Comprehensive Data Protection

  • Multi-Tenancy

  • Flexible Deployment Options

  • Security and Encryption

  • Efficient Backup and Recovery

  • Integration with RMM and PSA Tools

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Secure Backup Storage

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Included in Advanced Backup

Comprehensive Backup Capabilities

It allows file-level, disk-level, image, and application backups. This includes support for popular workloads such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hyper-V, VMware, and more.

Flexible Recovery Options

The service offers a range of recovery options, from full system recoveries to granular file recoveries, ensuring rapid and reliable restoration of critical data and systems, minimizing downtime.

Hybrid Storage Options

Acronis Advanced Backup provides various storage options, including Acronis-hosted storage, public clouds like Microsoft Azure, or MSP local storage.

Cloud-Physical-Virtual Migrations

This feature facilitates seamless migrations across different environments.

Archive Encryption and Backup Types

Group Management for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

It supports incremental and differential backups, enhancing data security and efficiency.

Adjustable Backup Frequency

For Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, the backup frequency can be adjusted to reduce Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and improve business continuity.

MSPs can create groups based on Azure AD data for simpler protection management.

Off-host Data Processing

This feature reduces the CPU/RAM consumption of protected workloads, achieving near-zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Acronis Advanced Backup
for MSP

What types of backups does Acronis Advanced Backup support?

It supports file-level, disk-level, image, and application backups, and covers a wide range of platforms and applications including Mac, Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hyper-V, VMware, etc

Can Acronis Advanced Backup store data in different types of storage?

Yes, it offers hybrid storage options including Acronis-hosted storage, public clouds like Microsoft Azure, or MSP local storage.

Is Acronis Advanced Backup scalable for MSPs?

Yes, it's scalable, allowing MSPs to manage multiple client environments from a single console, adapting to changing client requirements

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