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Gridheart and Acronis Cyber Foundation Program commence mission to build a school in Kenya

Kenya School

In collaboration with Gridheart, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program has embarked on a mission to lay a solid foundation for education in Kenya. The focus is on transforming Friends Secondary School Kibisi in the Mbakalo area into a favorable educational environment for its students. With a student population of 1,200, the school serves as an educational hub in the Mbakalo area, aiming to become a model for improving the overall education standards in the region.

Friends Secondary School Kibisi faces multiple challenges, including the lack of essential facilities such as meeting rooms, a library, and a computer lab, which Gridheart and Acronis aim to address. Establishing a computer classroom is crucial for equipping students with digital skills in today's technology-driven world.

This initiative not only prepares students for future challenges but also meets fundamental educational needs.

Another challenge is the absence of suitable amenities for school meetings, leading to some classes being held under a large tree in the schoolyard. With adverse weather, this solution becomes entirely unsustainable, underscoring the need for constructing meeting and classrooms.

We hope this project will have a positive impact that extends beyond Friends Secondary School to also benefit Kibisi Primary School, which also struggles with insufficient facilities. By expanding the infrastructure at the secondary school, additional space is created that can benefit the primary school during periods when the older students do not use the center.

We invite all our partners and friends to join this initiative because together we can create a world where every child has access to education and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

On March 7th, Gridheart and Acronis would like to invite all who are interested to an exclusive dinner where we unite under our shared vision of creating a brighter future for children in Kenya. Register your interest here, and we will make sure to contact you with more information about the event and the project.

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