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5 Essential Financial KPI Reports for Your MSP Business Automation Toolkit

Updated: May 29

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For managed service providers (MSPs), adopting a data-driven strategy is essential for staying competitive and achieving growth. Utilizing financial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting through MSP business automation tools is a pivotal way to foster business expansion. These tools enable MSPs to monitor performance continuously, understand trends, and make decisions based on solid data. With access to the most current performance metrics, MSPs can enhance their operations, increase profitability, and offer superior services to their clients.

We advise focusing on five critical sales and billing KPI insights provided by MSP business automation tools to support informed decision-making and promote sustained growth. For instance, the Acronis Advanced Automation solution includes these five crucial KPI reports right from the start:

  1. Customer Revenue: This report is crucial for understanding and enhancing your financial relationships with clients. It allows you to break down client spending by month, identify revenue trends, and tailor client interactions effectively. It differentiates between recurring, nonrecurring, and value-added reseller revenues, offering insights into managed services and other non-VAR revenues. This analysis can help align your services with client needs, potentially opening new revenue avenues. The report also offers insights into contracts, invoicing, and workloads, aiding in cash flow management and service optimization.

  2. Gross Profit Summary: Regularly reviewing this report enables MSP leaders to identify the most and least profitable clients, focusing efforts on those with the highest value. It helps in reducing churn by maintaining operational quality for top clients and reallocating resources from less profitable ones. Analyzing gross profit helps in better resource allocation and investment decisions.

  3. Gross Profit Per Customer: This report allows for an in-depth understanding of client relationships by comparing revenue, costs, and profit margins. It aids in tailoring account management strategies and making informed decisions on targeting specific markets or client segments.

  4. Predictive Profitability Report: This tool is essential for anticipating revenue changes due to contract expirations and for planning future financial stability. It offers predictive insights into revenue, costs, and profit, supporting long-term financial planning and client relationship management.

  5. Time Sheets: Highlighting the importance of logging 80%-85% of technicians' time, this report addresses the challenge of tracking and billing client work accurately. It provides visibility into how technicians spend their time, helping to identify and address inefficiencies, thereby enhancing revenue and client satisfaction.

Acronis Advanced Automation stands out by offering these essential KPI reports, streamlining financial and billing processes for MSPs. It includes pre-built reports and a dashboard for easy access to financial and billing KPIs, aiding in future revenue prediction and operational efficiency. Unlike other solutions, Acronis Advanced Automation also provides visibility into NPS and SLA metrics, supporting client loyalty and service quality improvement. This comprehensive tool offers automated billing, CRM, service desk, and time tracking within a unified interface, making it a unique solution for deploying, managing, and administering cyber protection, endpoint management, and business automation services.

We encourage MSPs to explore Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Advanced Automation for insights into leading strategies that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and strengthen cyber defenses. Visit our website or Contact us for a personalized demonstration and to discuss how these solutions can address your MSP’s needs.


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