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Cloud Based Web Filtering, Built for Service Providers

The Perfect Web Filtering Solution
for Service Providers

WebTitan Cloud is a DNS based web filtering solution, hosted and managed by TitanHQ in our shared cloud environment. This cloud based dns web filtering solution provides complete protection from online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing and comprehensive content filtering.


WebTitan Cloud is a low maintenance solution that can be set up in five minutes to stop your users from accessing inappropriate content online. Our intelligent content categorization combines industry leading anti-virus and cloud based architecture. This makes the WebTitan Cloud DNS filter an ideal solution for organizations needing maximum protection and minimal maintenance. Webtitan customer testimonials speak for themselves.

WebTitan Cloud is an ideal alternative to OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella


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Easy To Use


It takes less than five minutes to protect your business from online threats using WebTitan Cloud. Our cloud based dns web filter can be set up in three simple steps: 

Sign Up

Sign up for your fully supported, free trial of WebTitan Cloud (no commitment required)

Add External IP

Add your external IP address and choose a policy to suit your needs


Redirect your DNS request to WebTitan Cloud

Our award winning technology

allows you to:

  • Block malware, ransomware and viruses

  • Filter the content your users can access

  • Reduce IT overheads as this cloud based solution does not require any software installation

  • Control multiple locations from a central console which can be remotely accessed

  • Enforce Safe Search with a single click

  • BYOD Protection – filter multiple devices on and off site

WebTitan Cloud makes is easy to create the policies your organisation needs


Using WebTitan Cloud's user friendly dashboard, the administrator can create multiple policies and decide which policies apply to each user, or group of users. This flexibility enables the administrator to block malware, viruses and inappropriate content such as porn, hate sites and gambling, while allowing certain sites for particular users.

WebTitan's policy controls include:

URL Filtering

  • Unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy and flexibility.

  • Real-time categorisation of over 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages, in 200 languages.

  • 100% coverage of the Alexa 1 million most visited websites.

Cloud Keys

  • Cloud Keys allow you create exceptions to the general internet policy without having to alter the policy for an individual.

  • Cloud Keys can be created instantly and allow a user to bypass a policy rule

  • Each Cloud Key can be created for single or multiple use, controlled by time or date and enabled or disabled by the administrator.

53 Categories of websites to choose from

  • WebTitan Cloud's policy engine includes 53 different website category options

  • 10 additional customisable categories.

  • These categories allow you provide protection to users by blocking access to categories including malware, phishing, spam, annonimiser sites; adhere to corporate usage policy by blocking access to categories such as adult, pornography, hate speech and nudity; or create usage policies to ensure resource protection, controlling or limiting access to social media, video or streaming sites.

Additional Policy Features

  • You can create whitelists and blacklists of websites you wish to allow or block as exceptions to the general policy, for example, block all social media sites except Twitter.

  • Customisable Block Page

  • Multiple locations

  • You Tube for Schools integration - if your school or university uses YouTube for Schools to control YouTube Access, you can simply integrate your policy to WebTitan Cloud

  • HTTP/HTTPS Filtering options

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