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Email Spam Filter for Business, Office365, MSPs and Schools

Discover SpamTitan Cloud Anti Spam Filter Solution
for Service Providers

SpamTitan Cloud is our cloud based Anti Spam filter, built for business. SpamTitan Cloud is a rock solid , multi-award winning Anti-Spam, malware blocking and email filtering service that has been built for business. It has won an incredible 36 consecutive VB Bulletin Anti-Spam awards.


As its’ name suggests it is a cloud based email filtering service, affordable and very easy to set up. Simply set and forget, SpamTitan Cloud needs minimal IT support. It is built on the same technology as SpamTitan Gateway and has a complete feature set that suits any size business and is also ideal for service providers who want to offer anti-spam services to their clients. 


SpamTitan Cloud is also a vital additonal email security layer in protecting Office 365 from malware and zero day attacks.  

SPAMTitan video

See SpamTitan in action

Why choose SpamTitan Cloud?


SpamTitan Cloud is an advanced, cloud based Anti-Spam solution that blocks spam and malicious email threats from your business. Make life easier for your IT department and all the staff in your organization. See immediate results for spam blocking without tying up IT resources with SpamTitan Cloud.

Quick, easy setup, configuration and management

  • Easy to set up, simple to configure, up and running in minutes

  • Low maintenance overhead, fully automated updating and end user spam management

  • Web interface that allows controlled access form the network and removes the need for client based management software.

  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification

  • SASL authentication

  • Full version available in 11 languages

  • No Hardware Required - Cloud service

  • No Operating System Requirements

  • No Software required

Highly Effective Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware blocking

  • Multilayered anti spam analysis. Including Sender Policy Framework (SPF), SURBL's, RBL's Bayesian analysis and more.

  • Double antivirus protection, including Bitdefender and Clam AV engines.

  • Content Control that can be managed by administrator or at user level

  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification

  • SASL authentication

  • Advanced features for outbound mail scanning and routing

  • IP protection control

Scalable to meet your organizations needs

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Supports multiple domains

  • Multi-level administration (user, domain, groups of domains etc.)

Setting Up SpamTitan Cloud

Getting set up on SpamTitan Cloud is easy

  • Start your free trial. Your SpamTitan Cloud trial has all functionality enabled and full customer support. 

  • You’ll be up and running within minutes.

  •  Let us help you get SpamTitan configured to industry best practices. Give us a call and a seasoned engineer will review your configuration and make recommendations.

  • Full technical support. All of our trial customers get full technical support during the trial period. If there are any issues or you have a question, contact our helpdesk. Not only do you get to try the service, but you get to experience the excellent support you can expect from us as a customer.

  • Make it real. If you’re happy after the trial period, just purchase a license and you are all set. No re-installation, no changes to be made. Simply continue to get the same great protection and service.

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