• Carl

O365 Indirect Available Soon!

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

We are excited to announce that we soon will be able to distribute Office 365 and Azure services to all our Griheart Partners with the Microsoft CSP Indirect program. Let us know if you are interested to learn more and we will keep you updated.

An indirect Microsoft cloud services distribution relationship enables you to capture healthy margins without the hassle of paying high fixed support fees to Microsoft. When you partner with Gridheart for Microsoft cloud services delivery, you get:

The markets best platform for MSPs paired with the best services for MSPs.

Quote, Order, Bill, Provision

Curated Cloud Portfolio

Price Management

Self Service

Reports and BI

Great upsell opportunities for your O365 customer with market leading services. Make your service offering more sticky with add-ons and bundles

Email filtering services

Email Archive and Continuity services

E-mail encryption services

Email and SharePoint Backup services

File Sync and Share solutions

Advanced endpoint protection

The partner experience IS our product.

First-class product experts that support you

Dedicated Cloud Solutions Advisor

Infrastructure Architects

A Gridheart Dedicated Service Delivery Manager before and after sale

Strong security expertise that can enhance your cloud offering.

Stay tuned for more news in the next couple of weeks!