• Carl

Introducing Gridheart

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Over the past year the Cloudmore Subscription Platform has enjoyed great success. Today we help organizations across the world to offer a stronger customer experience enabling a journey towards continuous customer relations.

To be able to focus our energy upon the further expansion of both the Subscription Platform and Cloud distribution business we have decided to divide Cloudmore into two parts:

Cloudmore - the Subscription Platform Company, and

Gridheart – the Cloud Service Distribution Company 

This separation allows Cloudmore to focus upon providing the most simple, powerful, and beautiful experience for subscription buyers and sellers and for Gridheart to work towards being the most innovative and partner friendly MPS focused cloud distribution company.

Your reseller contract with Cloudmore AB will, therefore, be assigned to Cloudmore group company Gridheart AB and you will receive the next subscription invoice from Gridheart directly.


Carl Hagström, former VP of Production at Cloudmore has been appointed CEO of Gridheart and Stefan Jacobson, Cloudmore Founding Partner, has been appointed Sales Director. Gridheart will remain an important customer and partner of Cloudmore after the transition.

Expect to hear more from us in the coming weeks. We will be hosting webinars, meetings, and events in order to present our new vision and our new services.