Protect your Important data

Powerful protection, easy to manage

Easy, automatic and secure Cloud Backup


Significant amount of  company data
is only on laptops and desktop computers. 
Be protected before you lose the data.


Over 32% of companies
 have lost already data on cloud.
Protect your data on Office 365.  

Why you need to be protected


Ransomware encrypts all your files and demands a ransom. If you use Nexetic you’ll never have to pay


Information is backed up and stored in EU. You are able to restore data fast and reliably.


Laptops are in danger especially when travelling. Get peace of mind with Nexetic.



Your computer is replaceable, your data isn’t. Protect it with automatic, continuous backup.​

Device Migration

New computer? Not a problem. With Nexetic you can reduce the time it takes to get all your data to a new computer.

Hardware Failure

Computers age and hard drives fail. With Nexetic you don’t need to fear losing your data when hardware breaks.

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