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N-central RMM for MSPs

A comprehensive remote monitoring and management platform designed to help Managed Service Providers efficiently oversee and manage their clients' IT infrastructure, offering scalable, centralized control and automation capabilities.

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What is N-central RMM?


N-central RMM is a robust remote monitoring and management tool offered by N-able, designed specifically to assist Managed Service Providers in overseeing and maintaining their clients' IT networks and systems efficiently.

Key Benefits
of N-central RMM

  • Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

  • Automation of Routine Tasks

  • Customizable Alerts

  • Integrated Security Tools

  • Scalable Solution

  • Centralized Dashboard

  • Detailed Reporting

N-central RMM

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Included in N-central RMM

Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of networks, servers, and applications.

Patch Management

Keeps systems up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Automation Manager

Streamlines routine tasks with automated processes.

PSA Integration

Integrates with Professional Services Automation tools for streamlined operations.

Asset and Inventory Tracking

Tracks hardware and software assets across client networks.

Service Automation

Automates service delivery, enhancing operational efficiency.

Backup and Recovery

Provides solutions for data backup and disaster recovery.

Mobile Device Management

Manages and secures clients' mobile devices.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

N-central RMM
for MSP

What type of environments can N-central RMM manage?

N-central RMM is capable of managing a wide range of IT environments, including networks, servers, workstations, and mobile devices across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Does N-central RMM support patch management?

Yes, N-central RMM offers comprehensive patch management capabilities, allowing for on-schedule or on-demand patching of Microsoft, Apple, and third-party applications.

Can N-central RMM integrate with other business tools?

N-central RMM provides deep integrations with multiple Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools and advanced native security integrations.

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