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Passportal for MSPs

A cloud-based, integrated password management and privileged client information solution designed specifically for Managed Service Providers to streamline password and documentation management, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

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What is N-able Passportal?


N-able Passportal is a cloud-based, integrated security and password management solution designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to securely store, manage, and share business and client credentials and documentation.

Key Benefits
of N-able Passportal

  • Centralized Password Management

  • Automated Password Rotation

  • Secure Credential Sharing

  • Client Documentation Management

  • Customizable Access Controls

  • Audit Trails and Reporting

  • Integration with RMM and PSA Tools

  • Enhanced Security with Two-Factor Authentication

N-able Passportal

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Included in N-able Passportal

Password Management

Secure storage and management of passwords, with features for creating, updating, and retrieving passwords efficiently.

Secure Documentation Storage

A secure repository for storing sensitive client documentation such as network configurations, SOPs, and other critical data.

Automated Password Rotation

Automated tools for regularly updating and changing passwords to maintain security standards and comply with policies.

Credential Sharing

Safe and controlled sharing of credentials within the MSP team, without exposing actual password details.

Granular Access Control

Ability to set specific access permissions for different team members, controlling who can view or edit certain passwords or documents.

Seamless Integrations

Integration capabilities with popular RMM and PSA tools, allowing MSPs to streamline their workflows and improve operational efficiency.

Customizable Branding

Options for MSPs to apply their own branding to the Passportal platform, offering a personalized experience to their clients.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enhanced security feature requiring a second form of verification to access the platform, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

N-able Passportal
for MSP

What kind of password management features does Passportal offer?

It provides features like secure password storage, automated password updates, and credential sharing with controlled access, all aimed at simplifying password management while maintaining high security standards.

How does Passportal enhance security for MSPs?

Passportal enhances security through encrypted password storage, automated password rotation, two-factor authentication, and granular access controls to ensure only authorized users access sensitive data.

How does Passportal help MSPs with compliance requirements?

With its audit trail and reporting capabilities, Passportal assists MSPs in maintaining compliance with regulations by tracking and logging all user activities within the system.

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