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Microsoft Exchange Online for MSPs

A cloud-based email and collaboration platform.

Key Benefits
of Microsoft
Exchange Online:

  • Cloud-based service

  • Email and calendar management

  • Collaboration features

  • Advanced security

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Included in Microsoft Exchange Online

Cloud-based service

Microsoft Exchange Online operates in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises servers.

Collaboration features

Facilitates seamless collaboration with shared calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Email and calendar management

Provides robust email and calendaring features for efficient communication and scheduling.

Advanced security

Offers advanced security features, including threat protection and data loss prevention.

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Exchange Online
for MSP

Can MSPs customize Exchange Online for different clients?

Yes, MSPs can customize policies, security settings, and features to meet the specific needs of each client.

What are the different plans available for Exchange Online?

Exchange Online is available in several standalone plans or as part of Office 365/Microsoft 365 plans, offering different levels of features and storage.

How does Microsoft ensure the security of Exchange Online?

Microsoft provides robust security measures including regular backups, data encryption, spam filtering, and advanced threat protection.

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