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x360Sync from Axcient enables MSPs to offer their clients secure file access anywhere, anytime, on any device, across all corporate content.

Hybrid File Server

Axcient x360Sync allows businesses to maintain an on-premise file server for performance and reliability, while also accessing the same files in the cloud

Ransomware Rollback

Axcient x360Sync continuously backs up all your files for any point-in-time restore, in the case of accidental deletion or malware.

Security and Compliance

Axcient data and application security is rated highest in the industry, while ensuring compliance audit requirements are met.

x360Sync: File Server Solutions Like No Other

Many of the largest organizations in the world today have realized the importance of data storage and archiving, especially with the Internet and advanced technology becoming a game-changer in various industries. The speed of accessing these data is just as crucial as well. And this is why Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) and Cloud File Sync Services (CFSS) have grown in popularity. Dropbox and Google Drive are a couple examples.

EFSS is defined as a service that enables users to save and store files, such as photos, documents, and worksheets that can either be accessible onsite or through the cloud. As a tool, an office-based EFSS, for example, should allow a company’s employees to upload and share documents through their desktops and mobile devices. File synchronization enables the storing and copying of data through this tool, and furthers the seamlessness in workflow, data security, and efficiency of operations.

CFSS, on the one hand, refers to a service that allows users to save and store files in a cloud-based server – but the feature that makes it undeniably important is file synchronization. Take, for example, how an office employee accesses a document stored in the cloud, and then makes changes to it for implementation. A colleague who shares access to the same network can view the same document with the amendments made to it.

With effortless speed, agility, and security of a reliable EFSS and CFSS product – among other advantages – it comes as no surprise why many of these large organizations are productive, efficient, and still growing.

Hybrid File Server

Axcient x360Sync allows you to synchronize or completely migrate your file server to the cloud. Changes that occur are always synced to the Axcient Cloud providing true “always-on” productivity with files.

Moving your documents to the cloud empowers teams to security collaborate on important content and projects without the complexity and risk of open access to a local file server. Eliminate FTP and SSH access by providing two-factor authentication to access your Axcient x360Sync shares.

Axcient x360Sync has multiple options for accessing, editing and sharing documents with internal employees and external third parties. You can control the files and folders that are shared, how they’re shared, with who, and how they can use the shared content. Now employees can benefit from secure collaboration anywhere and anytime without the hassle of VPNs.

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Axcient x360Sync
  • Secure collaboration from anywhere and across multiple devices

  • Cloud-enable existing file servers (File Server Enablement)

  • Secure Share links require authentication and provide audit trails

  • Continuous and real-time backup of files and folders

  • Custom or unlimited retention periods for backups, deleted files, and file revisions

  • Point-in-time absolute restores

  • Comprehensive usage reports and activity logs with real-time alerting

  • Remote wipes of desktops and devices

  • Axcient Cloud uptime service-level agreement (SLA)

  • PSA and Active Directory integration

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