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Advanced Email Security for MSPs

A cloud-based email security service.

Key Benefits
of Advanced Email Security

  • Spam filter

  • Anti-evasion

  • Anti-phishing engines

  • Dynamic detection

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Included in Advanced Email Security

Spam filter

Block malicious communication with anti-spam and reputation-based filters.

Anti-phishing engines

Detect malicious URLs based on four leading URL reputation engines combined with Perception Point's advanced image recognition technology.


Detect hidden malicious content by unpacking the contents into smaller units (files and URLs) which are then dynamically checked by multiple engines in under 30 seconds.

Dynamic detection

Stop advanced attacks such as APTs and zero-day threats with Perception Point's unique CPU-level analysis, which detects and blocks them at the exploitation stage by identifying anomalies.

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Acronis Advanced Email Security
for MSP

How does Acronis Advanced Email Security protect against phishing and spoofing attempts?

The solution employs threat intelligence, signature-based detection, URL reputation checks, unique image-recognition algorithms and machine learning, including DMARC record checks, to minimize email risks.​

Is the deployment process for this email security solution complex?

No, the deployment of Acronis Advanced Email Security is straightforward. It features a cloud-native deployment that integrates directly with email systems, including Microsoft 365, without the need for additional configurations.

Does it offer protection against APTs and zero-day attacks?

Absolutely. The solution prevents these advanced email threats that can evade conventional defenses by using a unique CPU-level technology.

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