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Advanced Email Security for MSPs

A comprehensive solution designed to protect email communications from cyber threats like spam, phishing, and malware, while also offering advanced filtering and data protection features tailored for managed service providers.

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What is Advanced Email Security?


Acronis Advanced Email Security is a robust cybersecurity solution that offers comprehensive email protection against phishing, spam, and malware, specifically tailored for the needs of Managed Service Providers.

Key Benefits
of Advanced Email Security

  • Interception of Email-borne Attacks

  • Phishing and Spoofing Prevention

  • Detection of Advanced Evasion Techniques

  • APT and Zero-day Attack Prevention

  • Comprehensive Threat Protection

  • Incident Response Services

  • Impersonation (BEC) Protection

  • Enhanced Compliance and Audit Logs

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Included in Advanced Email Security

Threat Interception

Blocks email threats like spam, phishing, BEC, ATO, malware, APTs, and zero-day attacks before they reach mailboxes.

Advanced Evasion Technique Detection

Detects hidden malicious content in embedded files and URLs using dynamic and static detection engines.

Phishing and Spoofing Defense

Utilizes threat intelligence, signature-based detection, URL reputation checks, and machine learning to combat phishing and spoofing attempts.

APT and Zero-Day Attack Prevention

Employs unique CPU-level technology to block exploits early in the attack chain, providing rapid verdicts.


Detects malicious URLs using URL reputation engines and advanced image recognition technology.


Detects and checks malicious content at a much faster rate than traditional sandboxing solutions.

Attachment Deep Scanning

Identifies threats using signature-based antivirus engines and tools for complex signature detection.

Impersonation (BEC) Protection

Guards against text-based impersonation attacks that do not have a malicious payload.

If you’d like more information about the features, get in touch today.

Acronis Advanced Email Security
for MSP

How does Acronis Advanced Email Security protect against phishing and spoofing attempts?

The solution employs powerful threat intelligence, signature-based detection, URL reputation checks, unique image-recognition algorithms, and machine learning, including DMARC record checks, to effectively minimize email risks for clients.​

Is the deployment process for this email security solution complex?

No, the deployment of Acronis Advanced Email Security is straightforward. It features a cloud-native deployment that integrates directly with email systems, including Microsoft 365, without the need for additional configurations. This rapid deployment process is designed to minimize the management burden for MSPs.

Does it offer protection against APTs and zero-day attacks?

Absolutely. The solution prevents these advanced email threats that can evade conventional defenses by using a unique CPU-level technology. This technology acts earlier in the attack chain to block exploits before malware is released.

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